April 10, 2003

WASL testing

The WASL (Washington Assessment of Student Learning) is a mandatory statewide test administered during a three week window from April 21st through May 9th. All students in grades four, seven and ten take this standards-based student assessment. This assessment is designed to provide information about what our students know and are able to do as they make progress toward reaching the higher academic standards set in our state's learning goals. In addition to multiple choice questions, students will be required to give short and extended responses to several items including reading, writing, and math questions. Parents will receive score reports in the early Fall about their child's performance on the WASL. Students in grades five, eight, and ten will also take part in a pilot of the Science WASL. Scores will not be reported for fifth grade students in this pilot year.

For more information regarding the WASL within our district, you may contact Chris Beals, Director of Curriculum, at 360-802-7105. Those seeking additional information regarding the WASL test itself may visit the OSPI website at http://www.k12.wa.us/edprofile/.