March 26, 2004

Increased Opportunities for Advanced Courses at the High School in 2004-05

The following advanced academic program opportunities will exist on campus for E.H.S. students during the 2004-05 school year:

I. Early College Institute High School Courses

This program option will allow all interested students the opportunity to take one or more available high school or dual-credit courses on the high school campus. The following upgraded course opportunities will be available next school year:

High School Credit

Pre-A.P. English 1-2 (New! 2004-05) 9th
Pre-A.P. P.N.W. (New! 2004-05) 9th
Pre-A.P. English 3-4 (New! 2004-05) 10th
Physics 9th - 12th
Pre-Calculus 10th - 12th
Leadership 10th - 12th

High School & College Credit

A.P. Biology (New! 2003-04) 10th - 12th
A.P. World History (New! 2003-04) 10th - 12th
A.P. U.S. History 11th
A.P. Calculus 11th - 12th
A.P. Studio Art 11th - 12th
A.P. Language & Composition (New! 2004-05) 11th - 12th
A.P. Language & Literature (New! 2005 - 06) 11th - 12th
A.P. American Government 12th
C-H-S Spanish (U.W.) 11th - 12th
C-H-S German (U.W.) 11th - 12th
C-H-S French (U.W.) 11th - 12th

II. G.R.C.C. Cohort Program

This innovative program has been developed for 11th grade students to take a prescribed two-year advanced high school and college course of study on our campus that results in their receiving both a high school diploma and Associate of Arts (A.A.) Degree through Green River Community College. The continuance of this program has been confirmed for the 2004-05 school year.

III. Advanced Studies Program

Students have the opportunity to enroll in one or more of the available G.R.C.C. classes that are being taught each quarter on the high school campus or at the G.R.C.C. Enumclaw Center. Enrollment openings for students in these classes will be on a space-available basis each quarter. Check w/the E.H.S. Main Office.

IV. Running Start

Under this program, qualified 11th-12th grade students may apply to enroll in courses in a community or technical college without tuition charge. See your high school counselor to learn more about the details and logistics of this program.