February 10, 2004

EHS Students Giving Back to Their Community

Students from Enumclaw High School have launched the first several months of this school year with an impressive number of community service projects benefiting those in our area. Organizing themselves in the time available for students in each of our seven small schools, Enumclaw High School students have chosen a variety of ways to give back to our community through these community service projects. Below are just a few examples of the many ways our students are "giving back" to our community:

In September, the school of Discovery and Human Services was approached by the Women's Shelter in Enumclaw to seek their participation in a fund raising/clothing drive for the shelter. The idea was to combine it with "Domestic Abuse Awareness Month" (October) to help reach out and let kids understand the nature of domestic abuse and where they could seek help if they needed it. An amazing number of students signed up to get information and/or volunteer to be a phone line participant with "Teen to Teen". In the end, all of the Small School Time student groups in the School of Discovery and Human Services participated collecting at least two pick-up loads worth of clothing and about $200.00 in gift certificates for use by people in the shelter. Two students also took upon themselves to go to the shelter for a Saturday dinner and reported their experiences back.

In November, one group of students decided that they would like to do a group project and provide a meal for a needy family. Their Small School Time teacher helped identify a family in the area and the students worked together to gather and collect all the items needed for a family meal which was appreciatively received by the family just in time for Thanksgiving.

Another group of students, composed of twenty 9th grade students gathered over 950 canned food items in the community on a Saturday before winter break. Students, parents, and the Small School Time teacher spent a Saturday morning canvassing neighborhoods to gather and then deliver the food to a local food bank.

Students in the School of Global Studies and Business organized the Hornet Holiday Coat Drive where over 180 coats were collected in early December for those in need. The coats were graciously accepted by a clothing bank located in one of our community's churches.

These are just a representative few of the many ways our students are not only learning academics, but also learning the value of giving back to their community! For more information about these or other community service projects, you may contact Joe Kristof at joe_kristof@enumclaw.wednet.edu OR Jill Burnes at jill_burnes@enumclaw.wednet.edu.