EHS School of Innovation and Technology Earns Hewlett Packard Grant

Hewlett Packard's emphasis on providing resources to transform and improve teaching and learning has been directed toward iTech students and staff at Enumclaw High School. Hewlett Packard has endorsed iTech's mission to create innovative ways to improve the quality of instruction and to personalize student learning, awarding iTech with the tools to accomplish that mission.

HP awarded iTech an advanced server, digital projector, digital camera, printer, scanner, and flat screen display monitor along with ample support from their technology team. As its first project, iTech will develop a web-based DVD library of best practices in instruction that will be accessible to all Enumclaw High School staff and students. Students will have access to the resources as a means to enhance higher levels of thinking and achievement. Students also will assist in creating the web-based resource.

The partnership between Enumclaw High School and Hewlett Packard will reach implementation by September of 2004.

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