January 12, 2004

Full-day Kindergarten

This fall the Enumclaw School District launched an exciting new full-day kindergarten program. This new program included extensive staff development for our teachers particularly in the areas of reading and writing. Kindergarten teachers are reporting that student performance is currently several months ahead in reading and writing compared to the performance of past kindergartners in the traditional half-day program. In addition, district reading assessments show 20% more students meeting fall standards than in the previous five years. For questions or additional information, please contact Mike Nelson, Chris Beals, or Jill Burnes.

Mike Nelson, 360-7103 or mike_nelson@enumclaw.wednet.edu
Chris Beals, 360-7105 or chris_beals@enumclaw.wednet.edu
Jill Burnes, 360-7131 or jill_burnes@enumclaw.wednet.edu