May 11, 2004

Enumclaw School District: ITBS 2004 Results - Grades 3 & 6

Highlights of Results

Last week, the Enumclaw School District received ITBS results for third and sixth grade. This test is given to all third and sixth graders across the state of Washington. Results showed significant academic increases for Enumclaw students and supports the system vision of educational excellence in helping all students achieve at high levels.

  • Our staff has worked incredibly hard during the past few years to learn and implement new teaching strategies to help all students achieve at higher levels. These results are just one set of indicators that shows the hard work of our staff paying off for students.
  • District scores for both 3rd and 6th grade students are up in all areas and all sub-areas compared to last year.
  • 3rd grade Reading scores are at a 3-year high with Enumclaw students scoring at the 63rd percentile (better than 63% of 3rd grade students across the nation) for total reading.
  • 6th grade Reading scores are as high or higher than any year in the past five years with Enumclaw students scoring better than 60% of the 6th grade students across the nation.
  • 6th grade Language scores are at a five-year high at both Enumclaw Middle School and Thunder Mountain Middle School.
  • Both middle schools showed gains in nearly all sub-areas of the test, with consistent levels of performance in the remaining sub-areas. Gains were particularly noticeable in the area of Math Computation at both middle schools.
  • 3rd grade students showed significant improvements in math scores with a marked increase in Math Computation as well as a noticeable performance in the area of Math Problem-Solving and Data Interpretation with Enumclaw students outperforming nearly 70% of the students across the nation.
  • This year's 3rd grade results show fewer students in the bottom quartile in Total Reading than in the past three years, while nearly one third of Enumclaw 3rd graders scored in the top quartile of students from across the nation.

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