Full-Day Kindergarten Letter Recognition/Concepts of Print Data - June, 2004

Incredible Results Achieved in District's Full-Day Kindergarten!

Over 91% (over 9 out of 10) of ending Kindergarten 2004 students met or exceeded the standard for recognizing letters and the concepts of print pre-reading skills.

This year's Kindergarten students in all four of our kindergarten schools have demonstrated significantly higher scores on this Spring's assessment than in previous years. For each school, this represents an all-time high in the past five years and as much as a 20% improvement of just one year ago.

This year, the Enumclaw School District assessed over thirty more kindergarten students than one year ago. This Spring's results show a gain of 16% MORE students meeting or exceeding our end of year standard for recognizing letters and understanding the pre-reading skills as measured by the Concepts of Print checklist.

Gains in our end of year Kindergarten assessment results cut across gender/ethnic categories with significant improvements over last year's results reported for both boys and girls, regardless of ethnic category.