Making our Practice Public with Studio Classrooms

As a part of our continuing effort to provide meaningful professional development opportunities to our teachers and ways for staff to learn by observing new instructional strategies in practice, we have begun a new program called Studio Classrooms.

Eight teachers have been accepted to be a part of the first group to begin this program next fall.

Sarah Chawanda (EMS grades 7/8)
Shirley Rhodes (TMMS grades 7/8)
Rita Hyatt (Sunrise grade 1)
Rose Becker (Sunrise grade 2)
Elisabeth Carlson (Southwood grade 5)
Julie McGrath (Kibler grade 1)
Linda Madsen (JJ Smith grades 4/5)
Jody Emerson (JJ Smith grade 4)

These eight teachers will begin making their instructional practice public by opening their classrooms to groups of peer observers several times throughout the course of next year.

The Studio Classroom model will offer both the Studio Teachers and the Peer Observers the opportunity to support their learning by: -participating in an in-depth training experience;

developing a spirit of collegiality among teachers across schools;

observing the same group of children and their teacher across the school year; and

designing and pursuing classroom research projects.

For questions or additional information, please contact:
Mike Nelson 360-802-7103 or
Chris Beals 360-802-7105 or
Jill Burnes 360-802-7131 or