January 28, 2004

Literacy Expert Visits Enumclaw School District

Cris Tovani, nationally recognized consultant and author of the book, I Read It, But Don't Get It, will be visiting our system on February 8 and 9. Cris specializes in assisting adolescent readers to develop comprehension skills and most of all rediscover the joys of reading. All staff and community will have an opportunity to hear and learn from Cris on Sunday February 8th at An Evening with Cris Tovani. This event will be held at Enumclaw High School Library, 6-8pm. The cost, including dinner, is $20. In addition to this evening, Cris will be modeling two demonstration lessons in two classrooms on our high school campus on February 9th. Over 40 of our secondary staff members and administrators will be observing and learning first hand about researched-based strategies for teaching students to read, write, and think at higher levels.

For questions or additional information, please contact Mike Nelson, Chris Beals, or Jill Burnes.
Mike Nelson, 360-7103 or mike_nelson@enumclaw.wednet.edu
Chris Beals, 360-7105 or chris_beals@enumclaw.wednet.edu
Jill Burnes, 360-7131 or jill_burnes@enumclaw.wednet.edu