Incredible Results Achieved in District's Full-Day Kindergarten!

Full-Day Kindergarten: Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) / Report Card Data - June, 2004

Nearly 300 students were assessed using the DRA tool. Of these, nearly 80% were scored at a satisfactory or exceeds standard level. An additional 8% scored at a borderline level on this assessment.

Of the many kindergarten students that scored significantly above grade level on the DRA assessment, nearly 10% of kindergarten students were reported as reading at least one year above grade level on this assessment.

Traditionally half-day kindergarten programs celebrated students recognizing most letters, writing a few words, or labeling pictures by the end of the kindergarten year. At the end of the 2003-04 school year, nearly 80% of our students were reported as producing writing on or above grade level. Writing at this level regularly contains the substance of a few sentences on a related topic, some high frequency words spelled correctly, and words that represent sensible beginning and ending consonants.

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