Current vs. proposed state

Current Situation:

Elementary Enrollment

  • Currently grades K-6 have under four hundred students per grade level (as low as 319 in our current second grade) for past seven years
  • No new affordable homes in Enumclaw area (since developments in the mid/late 80’s) due to our city’s growth moratorium and our county’s land use laws
  • The number of students seeking waivers to come to Enumclaw has increased from 66 in 2000 to 167 in 2004
  • The number of students seeking waivers to attend another school district has decreased from 83 in 2000 to 52 in 2004

Six Elementary Schools with approximately 1975 students

  • Two schools are configured in a K-5 structure (Westwood and Black Diamond)
  • Two sets of sister schools configured K-3 and 4-5 (Kibler/J.J. Smith and Sunrise/Southwood
  • Black Diamond Elementary has defined natural school boundaries that cannot be easily changed

Five Elementary Schools(located in the Enumclaw area) with approximately 1680 students

  • Only one of the schools (Westwood) is a K-5 school, causing 1300 students to have an additional school transition
  • Three elementary schools have less than 300 students; one has less than 250 students
  • Resources spread over small schools (support staff serving multiple buildings has increased)

Desired State:

District Stability

  • Boundaries that allow continuity and consistency
  • Attendance areas that accommodate growth projections

School Size of 350-500 students

  • Enables personalization and familiarity
  • Large enough to have equitable support services
  • Economic and affordable to operate
  • Sustainable over time
  • Supports and enhances programs and student opportunities

K-5 Configuration

  • Limited transitions for students
  • Maximum family continuity and accountability
  • Curriculum continuity and accountability
  • Maximize program options for students
  • Maximize student/school identity
  • Efficiency across system (i.e. transportation)

Minimize Operational Costs

Honor Commitment to Individual Achievement and Magic Strings

Maximize Resources to Meet Student Needs

Minimize disruptions of current attendance areas and neighborhoods