February 16, 2005

Dear Families,

Earlier today, information was released by the Enumclaw Police Department to local media regarding an out-of-school incident involving one of our Enumclaw Middle School students. While this incident is not school related and does not involve any school district employee, we would like to share some basic information with all our families.

- A 28-year old Enumclaw resident was arrested on February 15th at his residence on 15 counts of Rape of a Child in the II degree.

- This arrest occurred as a result of information provided to the Enumclaw Police Department by Enumclaw Middle School officials.

- This situation does not involve any school district employee, nor did any incident occur at school or any school related event.

- The Enumclaw School District is working in complete cooperation with the Enumclaw Police Department on this matter.

Our goal, as a school system, is to work in partnership with families in order to ensure the safety of our students, both inside and out of school. We are thankful and appreciative that we had staff in this situation that have built solid relationships and created a safe environment that allowed this student to share the information that was passed along to the Enumclaw Police Department.

The Enumclaw School District is about kids. We are committed to continuing to do our part of helping our students recognize appropriate and inappropriate touching. We know this is a difficult topic and if you’d like some suggestions, please feel free to call your school counselor or a trusted professional such as your child's physician.

If you have questions or would like to speak with someone, please feel free to contact me directly (360.802.7103) or your school principal. We truly appreciate your partnership in keeping the children of our communities safe.


Mike Nelson,
Assistant Superintendent