Individual Achievement Testing

The qualifying test for placement in the Individual Achievement (gifted) program (grades 1-4) for the 2005-2006 school year will occur on March 26 from 9:00-12:00 at Sunrise Elementary. Interested parents who would like to have their child tested for this program should fill out a recommendation form. These forms can be received by contacting your child's classroom teacher, the school's main office or the Enumclaw School District Administrative Office. Recommendations must be completed and turned in to the school office no later than March 21. Parents will be notified about the results of the test on April 5.

Testing for Kindergarten students will take place during the weeks of March 14 and March 21 during their regular school days. Recommendation forms must be turned in by March 9.

School Contact Phone Numbers

Black Diamond 802.7570
Byron Kibler 802.7263
J.J. Smith 802.7316
Southwood 802.7370
Sunrise 802.7425
Westwood 802.7620
District Office Phone Numbers
Mike Nelson 802.7103
RuthAnn Vanassa 802.7109