Configuring Our Schools for the Future

The information below provides an overview of the proposed K-5 configuration of the elementary schools in the Enumclaw School District.

Proposed Future for the Enumclaw School District

• All elementary schools will convert to a K-5 grade level configuration.
• Converting one school to non-student use leaving 5 elementary schools serving K-5 students
• Each elementary will have its own K-5 neighborhood boundaries.

Impacts to Specific School Communities


J.J. Smith Kibler Sunrise Southwood Westwood Black Diamond

- J.J. Smith will remain open to community and district use, but will no longer house students.


- Current JJ students will attend Kibler beginning in September 2005.


- Students in Magic Strings and associated staff will be housed at SW beginning in September 2005.

- Small boundary shift in Kibler area (416th to 424th) moves approximately 30 students to Westwood.

- Boundary shift for SR/SW area: Hwy 410 as divider


- students living West of Hwy 410 will attend Sunrise.


- Sunrise will become a K-5 school: K-4 in 05-06; K-5 in 06-07.

- Boundary shift for SR/SW area: Hwy 410 as divider - students living East and South of Hwy 410 will attend Southwood

- K-5 ia will be housed at Southwood

-Current 4th graders at Southwood will remain at Southwood for 05-06.

-Small boundary shift in Kibler area (416th to 424th) moves approximately 30 students from Kibler to Westwood.

- No change to Black Diamond Elementary.


Administrative Assignments

  • Sunrise-Chris Beals
  • Southwood-Susan Arbury
  • Kibler-Joe Jones
  • Westwood-Keri Marquand
  • Black Diamond-Randy Stocker
  • Student Learning/Project Coordinator-Vikki Hopper
  • ia pullout/Professional Certification Coordinator-Julene Miller

Benefits of this Configuration

• Keeps neighborhoods and families together in one school for 6 years

  • Allows teachers to know students and families better
  • Creates long-term relationships with students and staff
  • Maximizes connections between school and home
  • Limits transitions for students from school to school

• Provides a more effective elementary structure in terms of school size and student learning

  • Provides more seamless learning opportunities from year to year
  • Enables continuity of instruction, intervention and support services
  • Provides more equitable services to all schools (counselors, librarians, specialists, etc.)

• Reduces school operating costs and uses the savings to provide more support for students and staff

  • Savings of approximately $300,000
  • More resources available for academic support and intervention programs

Maintains the J.J. Smith building for valuable school district and community uses

  • Space available for community non-profit organizations
  • School district administration and support staff
  • Storage of school district materials and equipment

Next Steps


  • Community Meetings
  • Southwood & Sunrise Community: February 15, 2005 @ 6:30 @ Sunrise
  • Magic Strings Families: February 16, 2005 @ 6:30 @ J.J. Smith
  • Kibler & J.J. Smith Community: February 17, 2005 @ 6:30 @ Kibler