Replacement Maintenance and Operation Levy Election 2006:
Questions and Answers

December 2 , 2005

What is the "levy"? We use the term "levy" to refer to the local tax that provides funding for maintenance and operations of the schools.

Is this a new tax? No! The levy was approved in 2002 and it expires in 2006. Now it needs to be renewed for the next four years.

Why "four years"? At one time the levy was run every year. Then the state made it possible to run it for 2, 3, or 4 years. The four-year option provides stability, saves on election costs, and reduces the district staff time necessary to run the election.

What is the tax rate for the levy? The tax rate is estimated to cost $2.96 per $1000. That is less than the $3.14 rate which was the estimated rate four years ago. How much is the levy?

2007     $7,710,729
2008     $8,096,265
2009     $8,501,078
2010     $8,926,132

How much will it cost me? Using an example of a house assessed at $200,000, the cost of the levy in 2005 was approximately $570. In 2007, the highest estimate for a $200,000 house would be an increase of $22.

How does this compare with other school districts? Enumclaw provides approximately $1,393 per pupil from the levy. To compare small, medium, and large districts, one of the best ways is to look at the levy amount provided for each student. Sixteen of the seventeen King County school districts levy more money per pupil, with the highest being almost $1000 more per student.

What does the levy pay for? The levy makes up almost 1/5th of the total budget for operation of the schools. It pays for the day-to-day operation including part or all of the insurance, utilities, transportation, special education, substitutes, athletics and activities, technology, paper and supplies, books, extra days for teachers, professional development, para-educators, custodians, nurses, and specialists.

Is this a "bond"? No. Bonds are used to construct buildings and renovate facilities. This levy is strictly for operations costs.

How do I vote? You must be a registered voter. If you have not registered you may contact King County or any school. Then you can vote in person or by absentee ballot. Are administrative costs increasing? No. Costs for heating, lighting, gas, and insurance are all going up. The Enumclaw School District has reduced the number of district and building administrators, and reduced the percentage of administrative costs.

February 7, 2006 Replacement Levy Election Mailer