May 8, 2006

Math Olympiad

Kathryn Re, TMMS math teacher and math team coach, contributed to the article below.

This weekend the Thunder Mountain Math Team competed at the Math Olympiad. The contest is comprised of two parts: the problem-solving component that requires multiple steps including explaining and justifying each step and the mathematics strand section, which has a short 20-minute test on the five strands in mathematics. Those strands are number sense, geometric sense, measurement, probability, statistics, and algebraic sense.

This year Thunder Mountain participated in the 8th grade competition with team members A Smith, Z Johnston, and J Bryndza. The team earned a Superior rating in the Problem Solving section resulting in each student receiving a medal and a rating of Excellent in the mathematics strand resulting in each student getting a ribbon.

The competition questions are based on the Grade Level Expectations, so conceivably every student could take home a medal. At the contest in Tacoma, however, we noticed that only about half of the teams in any grade level received ribbons or medals, and less than a quarter of the teams received medals. Our team did very well!

As I was picking up the results packets, another coach, hearing the name Thunder Mountain, told me that he was one of the graders for the Problem Solving paper from Thunder Mountain and he was very impressed. When we looked at the results, Thunder Mountain had a PERFECT SCORE! Wow!

Please congratulate these students with all the other students that represented our school district so well at the various competitions this last weekend.