June 9, 2006

Tenth Grade WASL Reports

Yesterday, Terry Bergeson released the information regarding 10th grade students' performance on this spring's WASL. This information is given by the number of students who met standard, number of students who didn't meet standard and total number of scores that we have. Percentages of students meeting standard are usually given. This is not the case with this early release (June rather than August) of assessment results. As a district, we are in the process of verifying all of our data. Also, at this time, we do not have the results for special education students who took the Developmentally Appropriate WASL or who completed a portfolio.

Attached is a flyer that shares the summer school opportunities for students who did not meet standard in any one area. Special funding provided by the state for these students (Promoting Academic Success: PAS) has allowed us to offer these extended learning opportunities. We are using these funds to support the training and salary of our summer school staff.

Current 10th grade students and their families will receive WASL score reports for Reading, Writing, and Math by June 14th. Families will receive an explanatory letter regarding this year's results, summer school opportunities and WASL retake opportunities in August, the state's individual scoring sheet and this flyer. To register online for any of the WASL summer school opportunities click here The WASL Summer school registration closes Wednesday, June 28th.

Current ninth grade students who took the Reading, Writing and Math WASL will get their results in September.

Feel free to contact Paul iacobazzi (Assessment Coordinator) at 360.802.7105 or Mike Nelson (Assistant Superintendent) at 360.802.7103 regarding any questions that you might have.

As a school system and community working together, we will help students achieve the skills necessary to meet the standards on these assessments and ultimately graduate from Enumclaw High School.