Calendar Change - NEW LAST DAY IS JUNE 18

January 29, 2007

Our district was closed on the following four dates due to a windstorm caused power outage in the area and hazardous road conditions due to the snow and ice. Those dates are November 28, December 15, January 11 and January 16. See the table below for a breakdown of closure and make up days.

The state requires 180 days of school attendance per year. The district already has two snow makeup days built into the school year calendar, which leaves two days to make up. Because of the extreme weather conditions resulting in Governor Gregoire declaring a state of emergency during the windstorm, the State of Washington is allowing school districts to apply for a student waiver for school closures during the declaration. Our closure on December 15 fulfilled this condition, so our district applied for a student waiver, which, if granted, would not require making up that particular day.

We just learned that our student waiver was granted for December 15, so we only need to make up three days. As a result, our last day of school this year will be June 18. If we have more school closures, the additional make up days will be added to the end of the school year.

Closed Days Make Up Days Reason
November 28 March 23 (original snow make up day)
December 15 not required* *waiver approved
January 11 May 25 (original snow make up day)
January 16 June 18 Added day