Sunday Evening News

May 21, 2006

Assistant Superintendent Mike Nelson writes to all staff each Sunday evening. This is his latest letter.

I just arrived home from the EHS auditorium. The Enumclaw Arts Commission just sponsored an evening to showcase some amazing juniors and seniors. This incredible event featured students from art classes, band, orchestra and choir. The nicely designed program highlighted each student's journey in our school system and dreams that they have in the arts beyond high school. I truly appreciate organizations such as the Enumclaw Arts Commission partnering with our school system to highlight our students......definitely a way of building a strong community!

Last Thursday evening, I had the chance to attend an evening meeting sponsored by the Enumclaw Area Chamber of Commerce. The speaker for the evening was Brad Worthley, author of the book The Ultimate Guide to Exceeding Customer Expectations. His mantra is: You can no longer simply meet customer expectations you must exceed them. Here are a few sound bites from his presentation:

* What are you willing to do that no one else is willing to do based upon the customer's experience?
* Customer Service = Culture of the organization
* When you are talking with someone in person, they are making meaning based upon: 7% content of what you are saying, 37% voice inflection, 55% looking at facial expressions
* When you are talking with someone on the phone they are making meaning based upon: 14% content/words of what you are saying, 86% voice inflection
* Recognize the opportunity: It's everyone job in an organization to help create great experiences
It's always good to reflect on this kind of information. I found myself reflecting personally and then about our system as a whole. I have witnessed many examples of exemplary customer service in our system. I appreciate all that each of you do to listen, acknowledge and respond to our school district's customers. For me, customer service is always a high priority. I wonder how we can even get better as a system.....

Until next week, Happy Learning!
Enumclaw School District
"Standing as ONE"