EHS Solo/Ensemble Results

February 5, 2007

Enumclaw High School qualified the most state entries ever at the Green River Music Region Solo/Ensemble Contest held at Auburn Riverside High School on February 3. J. Schiff was named the best trombonist in the region, G. Rufener the top clarinetist. The trombone quartet of Schiff, R. Beigh, M. Jungers and A. Fernandez were named the top brass ensemble while Rufener and N. Eide were the top woodwind performers. N. Eide is also an alternate to state as is the trio of Beigh, Schiff and Jungers. The clarinet trio of J. Clark, M. Andrus and R. Maldonado reached the regional play-offs.

Other Superior award winners were: D. Schiff, M. Atkinson and C. Broming. Excellent awards went to: J. Mitsuyasu, A. Schofield, S. Aubert, S. Knapp, E. Voss, P. Beigh, K. Ostebuhr, C. McDonald, E. Bearden, A. Folkerth, K. Brasier, N. Averill, E. Underbrink, M. Wicklander, S. Anderson, A. Molieri, H. Stewart, K. Shoe, A. Nelson, B. Schofield, D. Millard, S. Bruner, J. Merryfield and A. Gaynor.