SWIFT - Pilot

March 22, 2007

We are excited to move forward with piloting the ESD’s SWIFT (The Simplified Web Interface for Teachers).
SWIFT allows the teachers to create a comprehensive, interactive classroom web site in minutes. It is a browser-based tool designed exclusively for teachers. No new software installation or trainings are needed. You can build your site from any computer with internet access. Built-in features make it simple to create an interactive classroom site that is a dynamic communications tool for teachers, students, and parents.


This web site creation tool has many options and features that allow teachers to custom design their site, including:

  • Announcements – Add and update class announcements and reminders.
  • Calendar – Add and update upcoming events and details.
  • Discussion Board – Post topic and let students respond. Approve responses before they are displayed on the site.
  • Quiz Builder – Build multiple-choice quizzes for students to take and instantly review their results.
  • Homework – Post details of upcoming homework assignments.
  • Gallery – Upload photos with a title, description, and category for a slide show display.
  • Links – Create a list of categorized links with descriptions.
  • Documents – Upload documents that will be used throughout the year with tittles, descriptions and categories.
  • Contact Form – Students and parents can contact the teacher by e-mail through a simple web form.

Teachers can choose one or all of these items to be on their web page. At this time, there are no limits to the size of the page, but there are limits to the size of an uploaded document of 15MB per file, so they can have pictures, pod casts, etc. You can view the teachers' web sites, by visiting the directory web page at http://swift.enumclaw.wednet.edu/

The district's new web posting policies that will need to be followed are now posted at http://www.enumclaw.wednet.edu/departments/technology/pubguidelines.aspx. Teachers will review these when setting up their web sites. These include parent permission slips for both daily work and student pictures. Permission slips for both daily work and photos will need to be on file before being posted on the web.

Our hope is for teachers to have fun with this product and give us feedback on what teachers, peers and families think of these web pages. If this is a valuable tool, we would like to look at purchasing it building wide for next fall. We will be in contact with these teachers periodically to see what their thoughts are on SWIFT.

If you have any questions, please give me a call on 360.802.7117 or send me an e-mail at terry_huizenga@enumclaw.wednet.edu.

Thanks for being part of our project!

Terry Huizenga

Staff participating in pilot:
Skip Ashley - EHS
Chris Beals - SR
Kristi Carlson - BD
Sarah Chakwanda - EHS
Virginia Christianson - TMMS
Laura Ferguson - EMS
Marsha Henderson - SR
Jeff Kurtz, BD
Rob Lightbody - EHS
Linda Madsen - SW
Keri Marquand - WW
Tara Myers - WW
Therese Nowlin - EMS
Dan Rogel - TMMS
Lyndsey Ryerson - EHS
Mike Sando - EHS
Lori Tuttle - BK

Check back in early April to see if these web pages are ready! You can access the teacher web site directory at http://swift.enumclaw.wednet.edu/