Vocal Solo And Ensemble

March 5, 2007

K. Ferguson is going to state competition to represent the Green River Music Region for first sopranos. Out of 30 or more first sopranos, our K. Ferguson won. Congrats! She received a Superior Rating.

Also, our small ensemble comprised of sopranos, S. Bilodeau and A. Manning and Alto, C. Abbott are our first alternates to go to state competition. They received a Superior Rating.

Other news is our large ensemble comprised of S. Bilodeau, M. Iunker, A. Manning, B. Wallace, M. Condon, K. Soelter, W. Tripplett and C. Abbott also received a Superior Rating.

Finally, our other three soloists A. Manning, B. Wallace, and S. Bilodeau all did an outstanding job and received an Excellent Rating.

I hope you all find joy in this because Enumclaw has not participated in solo and ensemble in over 4 years and when we finally do, we represented very well. If you see any of these participants please congratulate them, they worked very hard and deserve all the praises.

Paul Scott
Secondary Choral Director