Westwood Destination Imagination Team

March 13, 2007

A group of third grade students from Westwood Elementary competed at Destination Imagination's regional level last weekend. This is the first year for this group to compete, which consists of B. Cruise, A. Dunlap, B. Becker, J. Hector, A. Gwerder, and S. Nielson and their parent coaches.

They chose the Card-DI-ology challenge, and their competition included fifth and sixth grade students. This challenge required the team to create and present a story about the impact of cards, and they had to build a structure out of playing cards.  The structure was then tested to see how much weight it would hold, and the Westwood teams' structure held 180 pounds of weight before it failed. This beat all competitors!  (For more information on Destination Imagination in Washington State or details of this challenge, visit http://www.wa-di.org/)

Our Westwood Elementary team is going to State competition in Wenatchee on March 31, 2007. Good luck at State!

Westwood Destination Imagination State Results

Westwood Explorers Card-Di-ology team placed second at state in the elementary division. Congratulations!