Day of Outreach

Sunday Evening News

A few months ago I shared the vision of the Day of Outreach. The basic concept is that we would assemble a couple of hundred of walkers, provide them with information about our school district and let them spread the word of the great work that all of you are doing! A group of staff and citizens have been working tirelessly to plan this incredible day for our school district and community. If you haven't volunteered to help, I do hope you will consider joining us after you read more about it.

Walker Recruitment

We're asking Enumclaw walkers to join us at 9:00 AM on May 17th in the EHS Commons. Black Diamond walkers will join us at 9:45 AM in the Black Diamond gym. Each walker will receive:

A Day of Outreach T-shirt A bottle of water and a granola bar
Enough brochures for the area that an individual is walking.
A script of what could be said when the walker arrives at a home.
A sheet containing the names of district leaders and their area of responsibility in case a person has a question.
A highlighter so the walker can highlight a name on information sheet if a question is posed.
A clearly identified map of the area that the walker is canvassing.
A nametag.

At this point we are closing in on having acquired approximately 90 pairs of walkers in Enumclaw and Black Diamond!! Our goal is to acquire about 40-50 more pairs. Please email Diana Aaby if you are able to be a walker.
Walkers will return to the EHS commons around 12:00/12:30 for pizza, salad, water for fellowship, thank you's and a short debrief session.

Musicians, Popcorn, Busses and Business signs

Musicians will be performing in downtown Enumclaw. Several PTA's will be handing out popcorn in both Enumclaw and Black Diamond. We'll be parking school busses throughout Enumclaw and Black Diamond as a symbol that represents our schools. Many businesses will be putting our message on their reading boards.

Ways for you to help!

May 6, 2008 at 6:30 at the District Office: We'll be having a big work party to fold brochures and assemble packets for walkers. We'll have snacks and drinks...and maybe some music! Please come if you can donate some valuable time.
May 17, 2008: Day of Outreach! If you would like to be a walker, please email Diana Aaby.

Important information for you to know: The funding for the Day of Outreach has all come from outside sources, not from school district funds. Mutual of Enumclaw has been the primary sponsor. We have also received several private donations!

Until next week, Happy Learning!