Enumclaw School District Removes Beef In Question

February 1, 2008
Yesterday the USDA issued a beef warning and requested all agencies receiving beef through a commodities program to pull USDA A608 beef from their food supply. Tracy Holyan, Enumclaw School District Supervisor of Food Services immediately removed all beef in question as Enumclaw School District was listed as one of 80 school districts in the state receiving meat from Westland Meat Company. The Enumclaw School District received 10 cases of identified beef during the past two months. ALL ten cases of the A608 beef packaged by Westland Meat Company have been accounted for. Tim Madden, Director of Business and Operations stated “none of the ten cases of beef in question had been used, so parents should not be concerned that their children had been receiving any of the identified meat.” The USDA has asked the meat be placed on hold while the agency conducts its own investigation.

Effective today ALL beef products were pulled from our district lunch menu. No beef items will be served until the investigation is complete. This is a precautionary action. The health and safety of our students is of our highest priority.