Native American Dance Troupe & Arts and Crafts Class

The Native American Dance Troupe is open to all American Indian students and families in the Enumclaw School District. We encourage our Native students to take pride in this aspect of our shared culture and to join us in sharing some of our dances with others. Many of our families are far from their tribes and this is a positive and wonderful way for us to stay connected to other Native people.

Our dance instructor, Diana Toelken, is an all around dancer with years of Pow-Wow dancing experience. Ms. Toelken not only instructs us dancers in our style of dance, but also teaches Pow-Wow etiquette, legends and stories behind each dance style, how to put together regalia and many more valuable teachings.

We also have joining us this year Marvin Hannah. Mr. Hannah is a traditional dancer and works with our group on proper regalia attire, beading with looms, and constructing hand drums.

If you are interested, please come join us Monday afternoons from 3:45 to 6:00 p.m. at Bryon Kibler Elementary in their gymnasium.