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Superintendent Message

May 2017

Mike Nelson




A few weeks ago I attended the District Rotary Conference in Portland representing the Enumclaw Rotary Club. During one of the evening dinners, there was a celebration honoring the 30th anniversary of women being allowed to join Rotary, which inspired me to celebrate the women in our local Rotary Club. Below is the message I sent to our club members giving a bit of background on this event:

On May 4, 1987, the US Supreme Court voted 7 - 0 to allow women into Rotary! One tribute during our district conference last weekend was celebrating the 30th anniversary of this decision. Please see the article:


Since our meeting falls on the EXACT anniversary, it seems fitting to celebrate!! We will shorten our business meeting to spend time honoring women in Enumclaw Rotary. We have some “women originals” attending our meeting (Dorothy Sleigh and Alice Peeples) and I’m sure they will not be shy from telling their story. Also attending is former Enumclaw Rotary President Gene Fagerquist, who was President when women joined our club!

Dorothy, Alice and Gene were not shy in telling the “Enumclaw Rotary Story.” Unlike many Rotary Clubs where this became a controversial issue, Dorothy and Alice agreed that they were welcomed and supported. Some Rotary Clubs lost a significant amount of their male membership, the Enumclaw Club lost about four members according to these historians.

It was a wonderful celebration. In reflection, I was surprised that this was only 30 years ago. As an “old guy” 1987 does not seem very long ago. This issue made me continue to reflect on our school district’s equity initiative.

Do our school district values . . .
Do the opportunities that we provide . . .
Do our achievement initiatives . . . close gaps and lead to creating equity for our students?

Thanks for joining with me in this effort.

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