Superintendent Message

February 2019
Mike Nelson

Anna and our future son-in-law Brian were not with us during the holidays. Anna was in a wedding in India. The travel time to and from India was over 24 hours. On their journey to India they went through Tokyo and then to New Delhi. On their journey home, they went through Saudi Arabia and then back to LA. Even though Anna just turned 27 next week, I experience a bit of anxiety when she travels (and she is an adventurer). I can't stop the emotion, but am able to manage this feeling. It immediately goes away when she arrives back home.

Anxiety is something ALL of us (adults and children) experience. Anxiety crosses all ages, gender and ethnicity. Below is an article that describes the difference between fear and anxiety.

Our students feel anxious and as educators we can recognize the various ways our students cope or can't cope with this emotion. In November, we partnered with the Rainier Foothills Wellness Foundation to facilitate a community conversation on suicide. On March 6 at 6:00 in the EHS Auditorium, we will be having Part II of this three part series. We will be viewing the movie Angst (anxiety in our youth) and have a community conversation about this topic. Here is a link where you can watch a two-minute video from the individuals who made the movie.

I hope you will consider joining us for the viewing of Angst. The movie lasts about an hour and shares information, tools, and ideas about anxiety that I hope we can all use personally and professionally. Following the movie, there will be a community conversation about youth anxiety.

I love that Anna and Brian had this incredible opportunity to be in India for this wedding but am so thankful they are back home so I can sleep a lot better.


In partnership with you,

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