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March 2017

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My nephew Kyle is a policeman in Bellingham. He and his wife have a little girl named Penelope (love that name!). Kyle was born when I was a sophomore in college. From the time he was a little one, he has shown great and thoughtful kindnesses in the way he speaks and in his thoughtful gestures.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a package in the mail from Amazon. I asked Britt what we had ordered and she could not think of anything. I opened the package addressed to me and it was the book, The Fred Factor: How Passion in Your Work and Life Can Turn the Ordinary into the Extraordinary. In the package was a very kind note from Kyle wanting me to read the book so we could discuss it.

I had read Fred Factor several years ago, but I would do anything to support my nephew Kyle so I read it again while on the plane to Mexico. Have you ever had those experiences where something happens to you and you say, "Well that was perfect timing!" The gift from Kyle was perfect timing.

One of the greatest responsibilities I have is to hire new principals. Even though I had a draft of the interview questions prepared, reading this book right before interviews for our EHS principal helped reinforce the type of leader we want to continue to hire to support students and staff in our district. Essentially The Fred Factor is about a man who loves performing his job to a very high level, focusing his work on his customers gives him great joy. Obviously Fred’s customers think highly of Fred’s work. Wouldn’t we want a "Fred" to be the new EHS principal or any employee in any position in our system to be a Fred? In the book, they suggested the following question to be asked at any interview. We asked it of our High School Principal candidates:

What is the most amazing thing to happen to you as a customer? Tell us a couple of examples that would delight customers (students, staff, parents and/or community) at EHS.

We advanced two candidates (who have already represented Fred qualities) to meet students, parents, staff and community members. The process is one we have followed for hiring many principals in our District and has brought great leaders to our schools. We would like to introduce the next Enumclaw High School Principal, Aaron Lee. Please visit our website to learn more about Mr. Lee!

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