Principal's Message

Gerrie Garton
           Gerrie Garton

Black Diamond Elementary School is a thinking and sharing community that inspires learning.
This year, our school serves approximately 300 students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Students learn in a school community dedicated to providing a caring, nurturing environment where all students are encouraged to become successful, contributing members of our community. Students are recognized for respecting and encouraging others and for demonstrating the kindness and courtesy that make Black Diamond a supportive place for children and adults.

This year finds our staff engaged in staff development around our math Investigations curriculum. Weekly collaboration meetings allow us to use student work to guide our implementation and instruction in the math curriculum. Our focus on Literacy continues to guide our work. Daily Literacy Blocks that include the teacher, educational assistants and Learning Support team members allow students to engage in learning targeted at their instructional levels. Staff Development money has been directed to whole staff learning opportunities, and planning time for the Literacy Block teams has been built into the weekly schedule. This allows teams to incorporate the five components of reading (read aloud, sustained silent reading, whole group instruction, small group instruction and one-to-one instruction) in the classroom. Our school is making gains in our student's abilities to communicate through their writing. Grade level expectations based on state and district learning requirements, along with the Six-Trait writing model (ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, conventions) continues to focus our work in Writing.

Students are supported in their learning through our Learning Support program, the Special Education and Title I programs in our school. This program serves students in the classroom, in small groups, and in additional classrooms. Student needs ultimately dictate how a student is served. Parent and community volunteers assist teachers and school staff in helping children. The Black Diamond Community Center provides a before-and-after school care program. The Black Diamond Police and Fire Departments provide classroom instruction and are highly visible on our campus. The PTA sponsors activities and evening events in their efforts to extend our school community.

Black Diamond is an exciting place of learning for children and adults. We invite you to come by, as a visitor or volunteer, and join us in the excitement of learning.