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Knowledge Bowl

Learning can be fun!
On March 18, EMS's Knowledge Bowl team traveled to Thunder Mountain Middle School to compete in the annual competition. Knowledge Bowl brings together a group of students who are interested in sharing what they know in a type of trivia contest. Our team practiced for weeks prior to the competition to help build their knowledge base. Not only did they learn interesting facts about many topics such as science, geography, and history, but much fun was had!

This year's team, made up of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders did a fine job representing our school.  The team's enthusiasm was displayed as they went up against other area teams. If you are a student who likes practicing in trivia contests and learning for the fun of it be sure to consider joining Knowledge Bowl next year. Ms. Timko would like to say to all of this year's Knowledge Bowl Team... thank you for all your hard work.  Plus, thanks for making Monday and Wednesday afternoons so enjoyable!
Mrs. Timko