Attendance Office


Please read the important information below. If you have additional questions, our attendance secretary Dawn Liebel may be reached via email at or call her at 360.802.7160.


Please call the Attendance Office (360-802-7160) the same day your student is absent. Our attendance policy states that an absence must be cleared with a note or a phone call from a parent. The first day back from an absence, a student with no note will be given an Attendance Truancy Warning that will need to be returned on the date indicated. If the warning is not returned the student is assigned a lunch detention and the absence becomes a truant. Attendance can be found on pages 4-6 of the EMS Student Agenda every student receives.

You can also email to excuse your student.


Bus Notes

Bus notes must be prearranged with a signed parent note turned in at the Attendance Office before school. You may not have a parent call into the office; a written note is required.


EMS Phone Policy

Cell phones must be turned off and put away during the school day. Cell phones will be confiscated by staff and held by an administrator if visible. The office telephones are business phones that are provided to students for emergencies. Thank you for your support!


Homework Requests

For absences of three or more days only, call the Attendance Office at 360.802.7160 by 8:00a.m. in order to pick up homework after 3:00p.m. the same day. We advise a follow-up phone call before pick up to assure that homework has been received in the office. All students have been instructed to have "study buddies" who they can call to check on homework and when they are absent for one or more days. You can also contact a specific teacher via phone or email if you have questions. Remember to check teachers' swift pages at for homework when absent.



Please remember to send a note with your student to bring to the Attendance Office if you need to pick him or her up for an appointment during the school day. Any arrangements that you can make with your student before school will be greatly appreciated. Please try to limit personal messages and/or deliveries during the day to emergencies.


School Delays and Closures

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