Dress Code

"Dress for Success"

We want our students to understand the importance of education, to take it seriously, and to be prepared for their eventual transition from school to the workplace. To help establish a proper learning atmosphere and prepare students for eventual careers, we expect students to come to school in clothing that would be acceptable in the workplace - to "dress for success".  While we realize there is no absolute workplace standard, we nevertheless believe a general standard is possible. We believe students' clothing should be neat and clean. Shoes are required by state law and stockings, for health reasons, are strongly recommended.

The following types of clothing would not be appropriate in most work settings and therefore should not be worn to school. The following "Dress Policy" will be enforced:

  1. Shorts, skirts or dresses that are shorter than the bottom of the longest finger when a student, while standing, extends his/her arms down the sides of the torso with extended fingers.  The skirt, shorts or dress must extend beyond the fingertips.
  2. Shirts and crop tops that expose the midriff when arms are lifted to shoulder level or that expose cleavage are not allowed.
  3. Clothes which are see through or expose undergarments or excessive skin.
  4. Pants that are more than 2 sizes larger than the waist, and/or worn below the waist.  (Sagging)
  5. Tank tops, halter tops or other shirts which have straps that are narrower than 3 finger width are not allowed. No visible bra straps or undergarments.
  6. Shirts with inappropriate messages or slogans will not be allowed. Clothing promoting alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, sex, or dark, negative, or antisocial motifs will not be allowed.
  7. Hoods are not allowed during school hours: 8:00- 2:30
  8. Sunglasses or eye coverings other than those prescribed for vision needs.
  9. Chains - pocket or otherwise; or spiked protrusions.