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Welcome to Enumclaw Middle School. We are proud to represent the Enumclaw School District focus: ensuring the equity of all students achieving at high levels.  

Jill Barrett photoAt EMS we believe that learning encompasses more than just academics.

In addition to superior instruction, we continue to grow our work in student leadership, student connection to school for social and emotional growth, and digital citizenship.

Student voice is paramount at Enumclaw Middle School. Our ASB and Leadership students have identified Be The Best You as our 2018/19 theme. Our weekly Timberwolf Show and monthly classroom discussions, both led by leadership students, are designed to promote positive character traits and an inclusive environment. In conjunction with this, we are in our third year of Safe School Ambassadors that puts kids in the driver’s seat in leading a positive culture that discourages harassment, bullying and intimidation throughout the school.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to have staff time together on Fridays for Professional Learning Communities. We are committed to data-driven reflection and decision-making that helps us to be more efficient with our time and also more intentional in how we support each student.

Though collaboration among ourselves is important, it is equally important that we collaborate and partnership with our families. We need to hear from you. These are your children we are caring for and your input on what is working or not is important for us as we continue to improve.

At EMS, we believe when students, families, and staff come together we are purposefully learning from one another.


Program Highlights

There are exciting opportunities for students to participate in.   We are in our 5th year developing and expanding the STEM program. We offer a Design class in the 7th grade as well as Robotics and Advanced “Project Lead The Way” courses in the 8th grade.  The advanced course is a yearlong elective that expands on the concepts as 7th graders in the Design class. Another exciting program is the Alpha or leadership class. This class gives students an opportunity to participate in school-wide leadership as well as community service at the school, community, and global levels.  Our students have been the drivers behind several fundraisers for schools in impoverished countries as well as making their mark here at home. Our gifted and talented students also receive services through the District-wide Highly Capable program.


Learning Spaces and Features

We are a Level 3 Green School moving towards Level 4. This has been a multi-year process involving students in every grade. They have done some very impressive work in taking a stand on being environmentally conscious.  EMS was built in 1983 with additions in 1990 and 1991. There are 28 classrooms.


School Report Card

The Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction hosts a database that provides information from prior school years. Please navigate to their site at and search for Enumclaw Middle School, Enumclaw School District to review relevant data about our students and staff.


District Report Card

The Enumclaw School District Report Card provides parents, educators, policymakers, researchers and other stakeholders with information about K-12 public schools.  It includes demographic information about students at the school, district and state levels, and data about student achievement on statewide assessments. It also provides information about teachers, administrators, and other school staff.  View the information online at and search Enumclaw School District.

Additional information about our school district:


Please Join Us!

There are several ways to get involved at our school. We invite family and community members to volunteer in classrooms, assist at events, and join the Parent Teacher Association.

We welcome your open and honest feedback. Feedback is accepted face-to-face, written, or electronically. Please send written and electronic information to the school building’s main office or to the District office. We also offer a variety of committees that parents and citizens can participate in.

Enumclaw Middle School
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Enumclaw, WA 98022
office: 360.802.7150
fax: 360.802.7224
Principal: Jill Barrett

If this information is needed in an alternate format, please contact the Public Information Officer.

Enumclaw School District
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