Principal's Message

Andy Means
              Andy Means

Hello Southwood Families!

I am so proud of the students, families and staff members of Southwood Elementary School. The whole Panther family is committed to developing a learning community where all students:

    °Feel physically and emotionally safe;

    °Develop a sense of belonging in a caring learning community; and,

    °Experience academic success, maximizing their learning potential.

This school year, we are eager to join the entire Enumclaw School District in exploring what it looks like to engage students in irresistible, deep, exciting and authentic learning experiences. At Southwood, we understand that at the elementary level, this starts with helping students fall in love with books. With that in mind, we are organizing a variety of activities at our school and beyond that will promote reading engagement for our students, staff and families. We encourage families to regularly create opportunities to dive into books together, uncovering the joy of reading.

For the past 18 months, our school community has been exploring our Panther Qualities of safe, respectful and responsible. This year we are adding a fourth quality, as we roll out our kindness initiative. We look forward to unpacking what it means to be kind in class and around campus. We are exploring how to demonstrate kindness by including others, helping others, and showing care for others with words and actions. I encourage families to open up conversations about what kindness mean to you. As we develop this common language and value set, we support each student in feeling safe and cared for, setting them up for academic and personal growth. Thank you for your part in this learning community. We have a wonderful year ahead of us!


Partnering with you,

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