Eighth Grade Year


EHS Registration Information

Current 8th graders
9th Grade EHS Registration Timeline

February 27
EHS counselors visit to distribute registration materials during science classes

February 28
EMS/TMMS Academic Planning Night for students & parents
6:15 - 7:30 PM, EHS Auditorium

Come Learn about:

  1. Academic programs and offerings at the high school
  2. Graduation requirements for the class of 2022
  3. 9th grade course requirements
  4. Registration steps and timeline for the 2018 - 2019 school year
  5. This information will assist you in helping your child register for their first year of high school

March 8
Course Selection
Registration for High School Classes in Math classes


Eighth Grade Promotion Dance and Ceremony

The dance will be held in the TMMS on Commons. Date will be announced at a later time. A group of parents will be putting together decorations and refreshments. This dance is for current Thunder Mountain 8th graders only.  

*Please do not arrive at the dance in a limo.  This is meant to be a casual evening.

*8th grade students must meet all requirements for promotion, including having paid all fines (end of the year textbook  and library fines, etc.), before being allowed to participate in the promotion dance and ceremony.

Dance Dress Code
This dance is a special evening and students should “dress up”.  However, please note that this is not a formal dance.  Tuxedos, formal gowns, strapless dresses, and backless dresses are not allowed.  Spaghetti strap dresses are allowed.  We suggest that boys wear nice pants and a nice shirt.  Students attending the dance should plan to be in the Commons by 5:30p.m. and remain in the building until the dance is over, unless they have made prior arrangements with an administrator.

Promotion Practice
Promotion practice participation is mandatory!  If your student is not present at promotion practice, they will not be able to participate in the Promotion Ceremony.

The Promotion Ceremony will be held during the school day. Date will be announced at a later time.  Parents and guardians are welcome to attend this event held in our Commons.  It will include some speakers and entertainment.  All 8th graders will receive individual recognition and certificates.




Eighth grade students must pay all fines or they will not be allowed to participate in the 8th grade dance. Sixth & seventh graders' fall class schedules will be held until fines are paid.


Lunch Accounts

According to District policy, any lunch accounts with money remaining will have that money held over for the next school year. Eighth grade accounts will be transferred to the high school.