Physical Education



  1. Meet with their assigned PE teacher and tell of their desire to make up the days missed and pick up this form.
  2. Participate in a physical activity for 30 continuous minutes for each day being made up. Aerobic activities such as swimming, jogging, bicycling, roller blading, etc. are best, but others will be accepted with prior approval of teacher.
  3. Complete the activity and bring back this form or a note signed by a parent/guardian on or before the due date. The note should state the student’s name, teacher’s name, period child attends PE, the date(s) the student is making up, the activity the student was involved in, the date(s) of the activity, and the length of time in the activity.
  4. All absences must be made up within one week of the child’s return to school. If not made up within this time period, the grade will remain a 0.
  5. If a student is going to have prearranged absence from school, he/she should talk with the PE teacher before leaving to discuss the possibility of doing make up work during the absence.

Physical Education Make Up Form - Updated 10/23/12