Health Room


Our Health Room Professional is Debra Cleland, LPN. She may be reached at 360.802.7631 or via email at



Health related student forms are located in our district website's Health and Wellness section at


Free Childhood Immunizations

There are occasional free clinics in the area for children to receive their immunizations. If your child or someone you know needs to up-date his or her shots, please contact our nurse in the Health Room at 360.802.7631 for upcoming clinics.


Free Dental Care

Enumclaw Youth & Family Services provides free dental care to children, adults, and the elderly for any low income adult or child with no dental insurance, no access to dental care, and/or no means to pay for care. Patients are assessed for urgent needs and appointments are scheduled based on need for fillings, extractions, and referrals for more extensive care.

The goal is to provide more preventative care, such as cleanings in the future. Enumclaw Youth & Family Services provides dental service every second Thursday of the month in the Chamber of Commerce parking lot on Cole St. If you know any students and/or parents who need to be seen by a dentist and can't afford care, please have them contact Laurel Bailey at 360.615.5653 to schedule an appointment.


Information From Our School Nurse

Chicken Pox (varicella) ~ Sixth graders must have this vaccination prior to the start of the school year. In addition, if a student is 11 years old and his/her last DT or Td was before 2005, a new dose of T-dap is required before school starts.

Beginning July 31, 2011 all exemptions requested for immunization compliance will be required to have a physician's signature. This includes personal, medical or religious reasons. Certificates of Exemption can be obtained in the Health Room or Attendance Office.

A note from the parent for a student illness or injury will be accepted for three days only for limited PE activity. If your child receives an injury that requires them to miss PE, we must have a doctor's note excusing them from their PE class.

If your student is to receive over the counter medications or prescription medications during school hours, we are required by the State of Washington "WAC" rules to have an "Authorization of Medication Form" signed by both the prescribing doctor and parent. All medication must be in its original container and signed in by the student's parent or guardian with appropriate documentation. These forms will be available in the Westwood Health Room on the first day of school.


Parent Help 123 Program

Making it easier for families to get the help they need.

Is your child covered by medical insurance? If not, you are not alone. Washington has a variety of reduced cost and free health insurance programs for eligible families. The, program of WithinReach, helps Washington State families apply for health and food programs online, and locate resources in their local communities. The website has health information for pregnant women, parents of new babies, and families with children. WithinReach developed this website to make it easier for families to get the help they need. For more information, visit or call 1.800.322.2588.