Google Apps for Education (GAFE): FAQs

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Q. Will my district email address remain the same?

A. Your email address will remain the same as it is now, in order to take advantage of significant benefits that come with having an address ending in "edu" (which are no longer available to K-12 settings). Just like now, the password you use to login to a district computer will be your Gmail password.

Because your email address remains the same, all incoming email will be delivered to your new district Gmail account.

Q. How do I make Gmail open 'mailto:" email links in a browser rather than Outlook?

A.  With our recent transition to Gmail, you may find that clicking on a web link still opens Outlook instead of Gmail. Fortunately this is very easy to correct! This can typically be resolved by making Gmail your default email handler. To accomplish this, you simply open Gmail in Chrome and look for the "double diamond" icon in the right end of the address bar as shown in this image below. Gmail default handler screenshotClick on the icon and select "Allow" and "Done". You will then need to close Chrome and reopen it for this change to occur. (Please note that you will need to do this on all of your devices; it is not a setting which carries across to other devices.)

Q. How do I add a filter, also known as a mail rule in Outlook, to my Gmail?

A..  1. Open Gmail.
      2. Select the message in your message list.
      3. Click the More button, then Filter messages like these.
      4. Fill in the appropriate window, i.e., "From", "To", etc.
      5. Click Create filter with this search.
      6. Click "Skip the Inbox (Archive it) and "Apply the label" and choose your label.
      7. Check the box next to Also apply filter to X(a number) matching conversations.
      8. Click the blue rectangle named Create filter.

Q. What will happen to emails in my current Outlook inbox?

A.. At 4:00pm on September 25, we will begin the process of migrating your existing Outlook emails, calendar items and contacts into your district Gmail account. Once we are fully migrated, you will no longer have access to your Outlook mailbox.

Q. Will the change to Gmail affect my access to all our district online resources such as U drive, Skyward, etc.?

A. No, Outlook is going away and Gmail is replacing it. All other district provided resources/systems (like Data Director and Destiny) and your access to them will not change.

Q. I have a personal Gmail account. Will this be merged with my district Gmail account?

A. No, while you can access either account from anywhere with an internet connection, these are two separate accounts (just as if you have a personal Yahoo account and a Gmail account.)

Q. How do I add Gmail to my Android or Apple device (for example LG, Samsung Galaxy or iPhone, iPad and iPod)?

A. Instructions for each device are below:
   *iPhone, iPad and iPod

How to add Gmail to your iPhone:
* Open "Settings"
* Tap "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
* Tap "Add account"
* Choose "Exchange" (NOT Google)
* Type in your school email address (firstname_lastname@enumclaw.wednet.edu).
* Type in your password (This is the same password that you use to login to a district computer.)
* The "Description" tab is whatever you want your email to be referenced as, such as "District Gmail".
* Click the "Next" option on the top right of the screen.
* You will be brought to a screen that has several more options:
* Under "Server," type in "m.google.com".
* Under "Domain," type in "enumclaw.wednet.edu".
* Under "username," type in your school email address.

From there, click "Done" at the top right corner of the screen, and you should be good to go!

You may also access Gmail via your mobile browser using the instructions below::



Q. How do I add shared district calendars like the "board_room" calendar to my Google account?

A. 1. Open your Google Calendar App.Other Calendar options graphic

2. To the right of "Other Calendars" (located under "My Calendar") click the down arrow to  reveal a drop-down menu as shown to the right.

3. Select "Browse Interesting Calendars".

4. Select "More" located under "Interesting Calendars" toward the top left as shown below.
Interesting Calendars More location graphic

5. Select "Resources for enumclaw.wednet.edu" and you should then see a list of shared calendars. If you see the calendar you are looking to add to your account, click the "subscribe" link to the right of the calendar. You should now see it in your "Other Calendars" list.

6. If you don't see the shared calendar you are looking for, email " helpdesk" to generate a work ticket.



Q. Can I convert Microsoft Office files into Google?

A. Yes! Follow the steps below:
* Login to Google and Open Drive.
* Click the gear icon (Settings) located toward the top right of the Google window.
* Click Settings in the drop down list.
* Look for the second option "Convert uploads" and check the box next to "Convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format".
* Click Done.

Now, anytime you drag or upload a Microsoft Office file into Google Drive, it will automatically convert it to a Google format.

Q. Will Microsoft Office programs (like Word and Excel) go away?

A. No, they will still be available, but you also now have access to Google Docs (like Word), Sheets (like Excel), and Slides (like PowerPoint) which offer the ability to share and collaborate with others.