Assessment Results

Our school district has enjoyed a history of strong academic performance on a range of state assessments. These student test scores are the result of many wide-ranging school improvement initiatives in our school district, outstanding principal leadership in our buildings, and most importantly, the devotion and expertise of our teachers as they work with and support the academic development of their students every day!

Each of our schools has a positive story related to outstanding student performance in given grade levels and subject areas. These individual school results provide areas for celebration and continued focus in our daily work in the classroom and our teachers' Professional Learning Communities group meetings each week. Click the link below to read more about the specific percentages of success on the most recent assessments:

Washington State Report Card

If you would like to further discuss state test results, please feel free to contact Chris Beals, Deputy Superintendent at 360.802.7146 or via e-mail at

Questions or for more information about classroom-based assessments in our system, please feel free to contact Jill Burnes, Director of Teaching & Learning at 360.802.7124 or via email at