Benchmark Books and Indicators - Second Grade:SPRING

Pandas in the Mountains
By Beverley Randell
Gold Level
DRA Level: 24-28

Text Characteristics

  • Texts tend to be longer, more varied, and more complex.
  • The focus of the book is evident at its start.
  • Descriptive language is used more frequently.
  • Dialogue often tells a large part of the story.
  • Considerable amount of text is found on each page.
  • Texts are often simple chapter books.
  • Texts often center around just two or three main characters (They tend to have    distinctive personalities and usually don’t  change across a book or series.)
  • Plots are usually linear without large time gaps.
  • Limited support from pictures.

Reader Behaviors

  • Rereads and self-corrects regularly.
  • Reads with fluency, intonation, and phrasing.
  • Integrates cues from meaning, structure, and visual sources.
  • Monitors for meaning: checks to make sure what has been read makes sense, sounds right, and looks right.