Benchmark Books and Indicators - Second Grade:WINTER

A Bike for Brad
By Stephen Harrison
Purple Level
DRA Level: 20

Text Characteristics

  • Texts contain more words, lines, pages, and challenging vocabulary.
  • Fluency and phrasing are very important. If children don’t begin to read quickly enough, they won’t be able to carry the syntax of the sentence along well enough to comprehend what they are reading.
  • Many of the stories are retold folktales or fantasy-like stories that use literary or story language.
  • Illustrations tend to represent just a slice of what is happening in the text.
  • Texts often center around just two or three main characters who tend to be markedly different from one another (boy/girl, mom/son, etc.).
  • Texts are often simple chapter books.
  • Sentences are more varied, resulting in texts that include a full range of punctuation.
  • These books begin to have a plot.

Reader Behaviors

  • Rereads and self-corrects.
  • Reads with fluency
  • Begins to integrate cues from meaning, structure, and visual sources.
  • Monitors for meaning: checks to make sure what has been read makes sense, sounds right, and looks right.