Benchmark Books and Indicators - Fourth Grade:FALL

Stone Fox
By John Reynolds Gardiner

Text Characteristics

  • Texts have a variety of characters (protagonist, antagonist, etc.)
  • Texts contain descriptive language for character development.
  • Texts are longer and read over many sessions.
  • Chapters link themes of the plot with the conclusion occurring at the end of    the text.
  • Text contains story elements and structure (plot, main idea, main and supporting characters, setting, and point of view)
  • Themes are developed through inferences.
  • Texts can contain more than one form/feature.
  • Stories become more sophisticated through the use of idioms, similes, and metaphors, etc.
  • Stories can take reader into another time, place, or role.

Reader Behaviors

  • Rereads and self-corrects regularly.
  • Reads with fluency, intonation, and phrasing.
  • Integrates cues from meaning, structure, and visual sources.
  • Monitors for meaning: checks to make sure what has been read makes sense, sounds right, and looks right.
  • Reading rate when silent reading is much higher than oral reading.
  • Begins to be able to quickly scan for information or to check meaning.
  • Able to comprehend and synthesize previously read material and apply to new reading.