Benchmark Books and Indicators - Fifth Grade:SPRING

By Avi

Text Characteristics

  • Characters can be complex. Texts are longer and read over many sessions.
  • Chapters link themes of the plot with the conclusion occurring at the end of the text.
  • Text contains complex story elements and structure that vary depending on text structure.
  • Themes are developed through inferences.
  • Texts can contain more than one form/feature.
  • Stories become more sophisticated through the use of idioms, similes, and metaphors.
  • Stories can take reader into another time, place, or role.

Reader Behaviors

  • Uses a range of strategies automatically when constructing meaning from text.
  • Begins to make inferences based upon implicit information drawn from text and can provide justification for these inferences.
  • Reads with fluency, intonation, and phrasing.
  • Integrates cues from meaning, structure, and visual sources.
  • Uses word identification strategies appropriately and automatically when encountering an unknown word.
  • Can compare/contrast different points of view.
  • Reading rate when silent reading is much higher than oral reading.
  • Adjusts reading strategies for different texts and different purposes. (skimming for a specific fact, scanning for a key word)
  • Able to comprehend and synthesize previously read material and apply to new reading.
  • Recognizes and describes the purpose and structure of different genre.