Benchmark Books and Indicators - Kindergarten:WINTER

Out in the Weather
By Beverley Randell
Starters Two
DRA Level: 2

Text Characteristics

  • Font is large, usually printed in black on a white background.
  • Usually two lines of print on some of the pages.
  • Text is patterned and predictable. Patterns tend to change at the end of the book.
  • Usually begins with a high frequency and then may include words that require picture support and attention to first letters.
  • Words are highly supported by illustrations.
  • Words are consistently placed in the same area on the page, preferably top left or bottom left.

Reader Behaviors

  • Remembers the pattern in a predictable text.
  • Uses left to right directionality as well as a return sweep to another line of print.
  • Uses picture cues.
  • Locates one or two known words on a page.
  • Monitors for meaning: checks to make sure it makes sense.