Writing Benchmarks and Anchor Papers - First Grade:FALL

All descriptors must be evident.

Writing Characteristics

  • Writing contains logical phonetic spelling, including vowels in most syllables (may not be correct ones).
  • Contains many correctly spelled high frequency words.
  • Contains the substance (meaningful thoughts) of a few sentences on a related topic even though it may not be accurately punctuated.
  • Names and the pronoun “I” are capitalized.
  • Simple sentences are usually punctuated
  • Contains a variety of sentence structures and
    lengths, though they may not be accurately punctuated.
  • Lower case letters usually used appropriately.
  • Contains subject verb agreement most of the time.

Writer Behaviors

  • Uses own ideas to create text.
  • Experiments with new or favorite words.

** To bridge to the next phase, the child should use more varied complex sentence structures even though they may not be accurately punctuated (rather than a series of accurately punctuated simple sentences).