Grade Level Reading Expectations - Kindergarten

Making Meaning at Text Level

  • Focuses on text detail to identify and confirm
  • Develops a memory for text
  • Uses pictures to predict text
  • Identifies the beginning, middle, and end of a story
  • Retells a simple text in sequence
  • Connects characters with actions
  • Recounts information gained from books
  • Understands importance of directionality
  • Reads and follows simple directions and symbols

Making Meaning at Word Level

  • Hears sound sequence in words
  • Recognizes and names all upper and lower case letters
  • Uses letter-sound links (including initial and final)
  • Matches spoken and written word
  • Identifies repetition of sounds, words or phrases
  • Is able to distinguish when letter names and sounds match
  • Can distinguish similar and dissimilar sounds in groups of words
  • Uses simple plural forms
  • Reads labels and captions around the classroom (e.g., in centers and displays)

Making Meaning Using Context

  • Understands that some words name or describe actions, ideas, or information (e.g., nouns, adjectives, prepositions) in oral and/or written language
  • Recognizes some words in different contexts
  • Interprets and uses pictures, labels, photographs
  • Pauses and sometimes reruns or self-corrects if meaning is lost

Reading Attitudes and Behaviors

  • Participates in the reading of stories, poems, songs
  • Asks for nonfiction as well as fiction books to be reread
  • Explores new books, including nonfiction
  • Returns to reread and/or review favorite books
  • Rereads to gain confidence and pace in known text
  • Responds to acknowledgement and encouragement
(Information, task, career)
Text Features

New to Grade Level

  • Narrative - realistic, fantasy
  • Songs
  • Letters (personal)
  • Diaries
  • Rhyme and Poetry - counting, number,
  • Nonfiction texts should include science, social studies, math, the arts, health and fitness
  • Procedural
  • Expository
  • Recount
  • Reports
  • Page Numbers
  • Titles
  • Author and illustration credits
  • Labels
  • Captions
  • Story maps
  • Charts