Child Find/ Child Development Screening

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What is the purpose of Child Development Screening?

The purpose of screening is to provide information on school-related development to parents of children birth to five years of age who are not eligible for kindergarten. Our goal is early identification of children who may need special services in order to experience success in school.

Child Find Schedule 2019 - 2020 School Year

Please call Christina Shott, School Psychologist, for an appointment at 360.802.7882 or 360.802.7628.


September 27, 2019

October 25, 2019

November 15, 2019

December 13, 2019

January 24, 2020

February 28, 2020

March 27, 2020

April 17, 2020

May 8, 2020

June 5, 2020


Child Find is located at our new Birth to Five Center:

1640 Fell Street
Enumclaw, WA 98022


Child Development Screening Procedures

Your child will be screened in these areas: Motor Skills, Cognitive Skills, and Speech and Language Skills. There will also be an area with toys in case there are waiting times. You may accompany your child throughout the screening.

When your child has completed all stations, one of the members of our team will give you the results of the screening and let you know whether further individual evaluation is recommended.

Parents of children birth to five years of age who have questions or concerns about their child's development are encouraged to contact Christina Shott at 360.802.7882 or 360.802.7628 to set up an appointment to screen your child.

There is no charge for this screening.

Can your child do these things?

If you note that your child cannot perform some of these at the applicable age, it could indicate that your child is a candidate for screening.

At Two Years:

  • Walk alone forward and backward?
  • Walk up and down stairs with help?
  • Match objects that are the same? (e.g., two balls or two blocks)
  • Drink from a cup without help?
  • Take off clothes?
  • Follow simple directions? (e.g., "Hang up your coat.")
  • Name simple body parts?
  • Put two words together? (e.g., "More juice.")

At Three Years:

  • Run without falling?
  • Throw a ball?
  • Build a tower of blocks?
  • Wash and dry hands?
  • Put three and four words together?
  • Answer simple questions?
  • Enjoy playing alone?
  • Copy adults doing daily activities? (e.g., combing hair, brushing teeth.)

At Four Years:

  • Ride a trike or a big wheel?
  • Throw a ball at something?
  • Copy a circle?
  • Put together a seven piece puzzle?
  • Play with other children?
  • Give first and last name?
  • Talk in three or four word sentences?
  • Be understood by others?

At Five Years:

  • Hop on one foot?
  • Walk backwards heel to toe?
  • Copy a square?
  • Match things that go together? (e.g., shoe, sock, foot)
  • Share and take turns?
  • Follow three-step directions?
  • Use longer complete sentences with five or more words?