Special Education Parent/Professional Advisory Council

What is SEPAC?

The Special Education Parent/Professional Advisory Council  is made up of Enumclaw School District parents and educators who meet three to five times each school year for sharing concerns and discussing special needs issues and programs. The staff and parents who participate are committed to helping children with special needs succeed.  Staff members and parents are officially designated as council members.  Other staff and parents are always welcome to attend.

What do we do at meetings?

Each meeting will focus on a specific topic of interest to families of children with disabilities in our district. In addition, we allow time for input and for new questions to be raised.  It is not a forum where we can resolve individual issues for a particular situation, but our focus is on issues affecting others in the wider school community.  For example, we have had focused discussions on such topics as:

  • IEPs
  • WASL
  • transition
  • preschool experience
  • parent/school communications
  • tolerance/bullying prevention

What are the benefits of attending?

  • Parents have a chance to share their perspectives and help staff understand how they perceive the schools;
  • Parents gain understanding of staff perspective;
  • Parents meet others who have similar concerns and are dealing with the challenges of raising children with disabilities;
  • Parents get to know other staff from across the district who might be working with their children in the years to come;
  • Parents see changes in schools resulting from their work in this group;
  • Parents represent friends and fellow parents who are unable to attend;
  • Parents share their insights on a specific disability; All in a climate of mutual respect.
2016 - 17 Council Members

Staff Representatives

Parent/Family/Guardian Representatives

Courtney Bowie

Kim DePoppee

Alice Lampkin

Bonnie Kennedy

Rod Lobdell

Jennelle Murphy

Keri Marquand

SEPAC 2015 - 16 Meeting Dates

Wednesday, October 14, 2015
6:50pm in the EMS Library
Agenda: housing


February/March: TBD


April/May: TBD

Who can tell me more about SEPAC?

Our Director of Student Support Services Gerrie Garton. She may be reached at 802-7104 or via email at gerrie_garton@enumclaw.wednet.edu.

Come join us at a meeting. You do make a difference!


SEPAC Brochure (pdf))