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Replacement Instructional Technology Levy 2020

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Dear Friends,

Over the summer, I was grateful to have a meeting with Representative Morgan Irwin about our school district. Representative Irwin is the only state-level elected offcial living within our school district boundaries. We had a great conversation and one of the things I shared with him is that a difficult decision our board makes is going out to our amazing patrons for a levy or bond. We always want to be very careful with each time we make a request to our patrons. The board and I value the incredible support to the children of our community that our school district patrons have shown during the six elections of the past 13 years.

Representative Irwin agreed that we have a wonderful community that not only desires but supports building a strong public school system. His advice for any school district election is to clearly lay out our need. It's with his advice that we have been sharing our need for a replacement instructional technology levy on February 11, 2020. This is a replacement of a levy that was passed in 2009 and again in 2014. This is NOT a new tax measure but a continuation of support provided by the previous two levies.

This levy will continue to allow our students in learning to communicate, collaborate and create

  • • in their classroom
  • • with their peers
  • • beyond the walls of the school building
  • This levy will continue the work to
  • • Refresh and expand student devices and
  • classroom technology
  • • Update K-2 interactive display options
  • • Maintain and upgrade infrastructure to support
  • deployments
  • • Provide ongoing professional development

The replacement cost of this levy is $.35 per $1,000 of property value. Our Board of Directors has worked diligently to be conservative about the tax rate for our patrons. We know it is important to you that we are fiscally responsible. As you can see by the graph, the Enumclaw School District boasts the lowest tax rate of all neighboring school districts. This replacement levy will keep our tax rate the lowest among our neighbors!

In partnership with you,