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Technology Levy 2009 Projects

During the past several years, the Enumclaw School District has worked to honor the promises made to voters when they passed the 2009 Technology Levy. The funds from this levy have made it possible for Enumclaw School District students to launch forward in their experience and learning with technology on a regular basis.

Below, you will find the original promises made for the 2009 Technology Levy and what has been done in this work as a result of the support from our voters:

Promise Made: The 2009 Capital Facilities Levy promised to provide updated and modern technology and equipment to every core classroom: Projection systems, Interactive whiteboards, Document cameras

Promise Kept: Beginning in the spring of 2012, a technology teaching station was installed in each of our district’s classrooms at all schools. These stations include a Promethean Interactive Whiteboard, a document camera and LCD projector as well as a teacher laptop for accessing the tools in this station. To date, our district has installed 239 of these interactive teaching stations, as a result of the 2009 levy funds. In addition, 300 staff laptops are now deployed and supported throughout our schools.

Promise Made: The 2009 levy promised to provide infrastructure and technology staff to support the increased technology tools in our system.

Promise Kept: In order to prepare for the successful use of interactive teaching stations, our technology department has successfully completed the following infrastructure projects in our eight schools.

  • 3 to 6 new electrical circuits in each classroom
  • Comprehensive wireless audit and subsequent wireless augmentation
  • 140 total wireless access points in our schools
  • 62 additional staff hours/week in technology department

Promise Made: The 2009 levy promised to allow students to utilize latest software technology and provide support for graphics, CAD, and other industry programs.

Promise Kept: As a result of levy funds, students in our middle schools and high school have access to a variety of AutoDesk products such as Inventor and AutoCad 2013 as well as Microsoft Office and a variety of Adobe products for desktop publishing. In addition, we have an on-demand digital resource library accessible to every classroom in the district.

Promise Made: The 2009 levy promised to increase computer exposure for students, provide mobile computer labs in our schools, and promote student work and collaboration.

Promise Kept: As a result of levy funds, our school district technology department has successfully deployed 542 laptop computers in traveling carts for student use. These laptops are used daily by hundreds of students in our schools for accessing information, creating and collaborating on projects, and learning fundamental word processing and digital literacy skills.

Using these mobile computer labs and, in some cases a physical lab, elementary students have begun the regular use of a typing program called Typing Agent. This program, along with an increase in our elementary library/me dia specialists, has provided students the regular opportunity to learn and practice keyboarding skills which benefit them now and for their future work in the digital world.