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Enumclaw School District

Emergency Preparedness

Rapid Responder

The Enumclaw School District, along with other districts in the area, is connected to the Rapid Responder Critical Incident Management. This is a web-based program was developed to allow schools and emergency personnel (Fire, Police, Etc.) to work cooperatively in the event of an emergency. In the event of a crisis involving schools, emergency personnel can immediately access critical site -specific information to assist schools. We have a strong partnership with the Enumclaw Police and Fire Departments. and have worked with them in incorporating the Rapid Responder program into our systems.


Communication plans are in place to inform you of the latest information regarding our schools. These include:

  • School District Website - Check our home page, and our transportation emergency page at
  • Facebook - 
  • Instagram - 
    The emergency "snow notification" system on radio, televison, and also
    A radio network system among all out buildings and buses in the event that the district office needs to communicate with each building in emergency situations.
  • School Messenger, an automated phone message system that allows the district to communicate with parents about changes in schedules, emergency messages,and school related announcements.
  • Email connections with key business and community members for quick communication.

For additional information regarding emergency communications, go to